A church funeral is a Christian service which provides for

  • an affirmation of Christian hope of resurrection in the face of death,
  • acknowledging the death of the person and
  • thankful celebration of their life.

The service is discussed with the Minister.
An order of service consists of:

  • welcome and introduction
  • prayers,
  • Bible readings,
  • remembrance (eulogy) and symbols,
  • preaching,
  • music & singing
  • commendation
  • committal [burial, cremation or church].

Those planning the funeral service are invited to :

  • recall memories of the deceased persons (these are spoken by family or friends – sometimes a written statement is read by them or by the Minister)
  • discuss and select Bible readings (may be read by family or friend)
  • consider and choose hymns and other music (as it is a Christian service, the music is appropriate to the church’s understanding of death and hope)
  • work with the Minister on prayers of thanksgiving and remembrance (may be read by family or friend).

It is important to consider:

  • death is real and a real end: the coffin is best seen in the church service, and it is helpful to invite others to the cremation or burial
  • a viewing to assist in acknowledging the reality of death
  • symbols to be included in the coffin or on view in the service
  • recollection of their life in the church: baptism, congregations they have been part of, leadership, confirmation, marriage, other?
  • issues that may be unresolved in the family – and ways of acknowledging these
  • a gathering after the funeral with food and drink.

An order of service can be printed.
The office has a ‘template’ for the order of service. We can print the order of service, or those organising the funeral may wish to organise it. There may be costs involved here.

  • If there has been a cremation, the church has a Memorial Wall where a plaque may be placed with an a service of prayer. Please contact the church office.

It is important to remember that the funeral is only part of the process of grieving. You are invited to attend the church and to offer prayer with the use of a taper in the normal Sunday service.
Each All Saints Day’ (first Sunday in November) we remember those who have died.
You may want to acknowledge the first anniversary by reminding us to pray for you and to give thanks for your family member.

Please contact us. Our office – 9370 9263;